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At kingstonfeet you can be confident that both you and your feet will be treated with great care and attention to detail, in a comfortable, relaxing environment.

From your first contact we hope you will enjoy a friendly and caring service - we want you to get the appointment you need quickly, so you can get on with your life in comfort again.


Jo Lea

Jo headshot

Hi, I’m Jo Lea,

I am passionate about restoring comfort to patients who have foot pain and feel a bit anxious about taking off their shoes to show someone else their feet! Having worked for over 10 years in an NHS hospital high risk diabetic foot clinic, you really can’t show me anything that will surprise me.

Jo Lea and familyOver my 35+ years in Podiatry, I have seen an enormous variety of painful foot problems. I particularly enjoy treating verrucae using our new Swift microwave technology, restoring beautiful nails with medical toenail reconstruction for infected or damaged toenails or nail surgery as well as all aspects of routine podiatry and diabetic footcare - so long as you feel nurtured and comfortable at the end of your appointment.

When I’m not working I love to spend time with my family, walking in the local area (especially Richmond Park) with friends and their dogs, sitting around the dining table; eating and chatting with friends and travelling to far flung places to experience different food and cultures.

Roxana Rus


Hi, I’m Roxana

I have been registered as a Degree trained Podiatrist since 2016. After finishing my formal education in Valencia, my husband and I started another adventure living in the UK.

Since then, I have taken opportunities to work in a wide variety of clinics and care homes all around the country.

As you can imagine, every job and clinic presents new challenges in each area of Podiatry and I have really enjoyed all my assignments because each has been very different.

As I continue to grow in the profession my passion for podiatry is also growing. Not only do I enjoy routine Podiatry treatments - I also enjoy Nail Surgery, and have a special interest in biomechanics. Unusual footcare issues all fascinate and challenge me!

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with friends and family, cooking and baking a wide variety of dishes. I enjoy romantic and adventure movies, swimming in the sea and world travel.



Hello there, I’m Jack.

I joined the team as a receptionist in late August 2020 upon finishing my MA in Intellectual History.

Working here has been great fun so far, and it’s refreshing to do something so different to reading all day. I plan to keep working here until summer 2021, when hopefully I’ll have sorted out a PhD.

Other than past experiences of athlete’s foot, I knew rather little about footcare, but it’s surprisingly enjoyable to keep all the admin organised and help book people in – although my perhaps over-formal manner has had the odd caller initially mistake me for the answerphone!

Outside of work, I enjoy playing the piano, especially Katie Melua and Chopin, and strolling or reading by the river. I’m also quite partial to a Greek Salad, my favourite childhood food.

Do give us a call to hear my immaculately casual, with just a hint of surprise: “Oh hi there, this is Jack at kingstonfeet. How can I help?” Try to hear anything of my Australian heritage when you call us.




Andy Lea

Andy headshot
Hi - I am Andy Lea,
I am married to Jo, kingstonfeet’s business owner. As Practice Manager, I am delighted to be able to help this growing practice move to the next stage, a broader team, ideally in new premises in North Kingston.
I decided to work with Jo on business process improvement and practice management - after 35 years in airline and airport process work. I find healthcare similar to airline and airports in that both are in the business of looking after people - consistently and well.
I am more than happy to fix a technical problem or develop a process, make things run more smoothly for our patients and staff.
I ski fast but not very elegantly - I love to travel and find Eastern Europe and Asia fascinating. At the weekends I like to try out new recipes on friends and family - often involving something a little different. I love listening to Joni Mitchell and appreciate a great hifi.

All our podiatrists are Podiatry Degree qualified, HCPC registered and are members of the Royal College of Podiatry.

We have strong working relationships with local NHS and private Podiatric Surgeons, should a surgical opinion be required, as well as potential onward referrals for imaging, blood tests and therapeutic injections.

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