Bunions & Joint Problems

A foot with bunionsAre you bothered by the shape of your foot or toes? Is finding comfortable footwear a real problem? We understand all about this, so many of our patients have the same issue and we are able to help with advice, treatment and protective padding.

A bunion is a bony lump that develops over the big toe joint. They can be called hallux valgus. The structure of the foot changes and over time the big toe moves into a leaning position, the joint enlarges and the characteristic joint (bunion) gradually appears. It will worsen over time and can make wearing shoes and walking painful. However, some people never get any pain.

Certain foot types are more likely to develop bunions and there is often a strong family history. Footwear does not cause bunions but doesn’t help, often rubbing on the joint.

Other joint and toe deformities can occur, all of which we are happy to treat and give long term comfort.

At kingstonfeet we carry out a biomechanical assessment to determine what damage may have occurred in the joint and to help reduce further deterioration. We can’t undo the damage but can give plenty of advice to help in the future and treatment to ease pain and prevent ongoing changes. This may include padding, strapping, exercises and stretching and sometimes orthotics.

For troublesome bunions that do not respond to more gentle treatments we have good relationships with local surgeons and can refer for surgical assessments.

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