Toenail Trouble

A toenail with a fungal infection

Many of the people who book to see us at kingstonfeet come because they have trouble with thick toenails or fungal toenails. As a team we must have seen over half a million toenails during our daily work as podiatrists. We certainly have lots of experience and know how to fix thick or ugly toenails.…

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Foot Pain

Painful feet

Our feet are amazing, they work so hard for us without any trouble most of the time but following an injury, damage or maybe just some rubbing from our shoe and we can be in a lot of pain. The Causes of Foot Pain Feet are complex structures, each one has 26 bones, a quarter…

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Embarrassing Feet

Embarassing, uncared for feet

We find it such a shame that people get embarrassed by their feet. We see 1,000’s of feet every year, none of which are embarrassing feet to us.  We totally understand that a lot of our patients find their feet embarrassing for one reason or another, but rest assured we have seen it all before;…

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Biomechanical Assessment

Biomechanical assessment at kingstonfeet podiastrists

Are you worried about how you or someone you know is standing or walking? Maybe your toes and knees turn in? Or out? You may suffer with pain in your joints or muscles of the leg. During a biomechanical assessment we look at the legs, joints and feet to determine how they function. This includes…

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Bunions & Joint Problems

A foot with bunions

Are you bothered by the shape of your foot or toes? Is finding comfortable footwear a real problem? We understand all about this, so many of our patients have the same issue and we are able to help with advice, treatment and protective padding. A bunion is a bony lump that develops over the big…

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