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Bunions & Joint Problems

A foot with bunions

Are you bothered by the shape of your foot or toes? Is finding comfortable footwear a real problem? We understand all about this, so many of our patients have the same issue and we are able to help with advice, treatment and protective padding. A bunion is a bony lump that develops over the big toe joint. They can be called hallux valgus. The structure of the foot changes and over time the big toe moves into a leaning position, the joint enlarges and the characteristic joint (bunion) gradually appears.…

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Toenail Reconstructions

Nail reconstruction at kingstonfeet

Does the appearance of your toenails embarrass you and stop you taking off your shoes and socks, whilst swimming, on the beach or just at home when relaxing? Or do your nails prevent you from wearing open toe sandals? Would you love to show off your beautiful toenails? We can help with all of these situations, for both men and women. Wilde-Pedique is an extremely strong, elastic gel which sets when exposed to UV light. It’s been developed specifically for restoring damaged toenails which can then be painted if required.…

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Warm Wax Therapy

Warm wax treatment at kingstonfeet

Warm Wax Therapy is a therapeutic paraffin wax treatment that uses heat to increase blood flow, relax muscles and increases hydration in the skin. There is also the benefit of improved comfort for painful feet. Though it is a simple form of treatment, heat therapy relieves pain and muscle stiffness. When applied to the feet, heat helps dilate blood vessels, encouraging blood to the area, flushing out toxins and other products. Blood also brings oxygen to the area, helping to repair soft tissues, gentle massage encourages improved muscle tone, thereby…

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Swift Microwave Therapy

Swift treatment at kingstonfeet podiatry clinic

Are you fed up with painful and unsightly verrucas? Ashamed to take off your footwear and show your feet? We have invested in Swift microwave therapy for the treatment of verrucae and warts. It is a new treatment designed to use microwaves which heat up the infected tissue, break the barrier around the verrucae and allow the body’s immune system to fight off the viral infection. The beauty of this verruca treatment is that it is quick, no dressings or after care are needed between appointments and there is only…

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